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Friday, October 09, 2009

Binding Comic Books #2: Starman, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Blue Beetle, American Century

After I got my complete Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League run bound into four handsome volumes by Library Binding Company in Waco, Texas, I immediately started planning my next comic book binding project. Combing through what was left of my collection, I prepped a few more complete runs by tearing out double-sided ad pages and back covers, coming up with enough material for nine new hardcover volumes.

When all was said and done, I had torn out three inches of ad pages -- almost two entire custom-bound hardcovers worth of pages!

This was a larger order so it took them longer to process, but I was thrilled to receive the finished products earlier this week. Of course, everything looked beautiful and came out great.

I collected James Robinson's Starman, my all-time favorite series, into four volumes with all possible tie-ins placed chronologically in terms of the story. In addition to Starman #0, 1-80, and 1,000,000, I found places for the two Annuals, the 80-Page Giant, the Secret Files and Origins issue, the Shade miniseries, the Batman/Hellboy/Starman miniseries, the Mist one-shot, the Power of Shazam! crossovers, Stars and STRIPE #0 (as important to the Starman mythos as it was to the new Star-Spangled Kid/Stargirl character), a short story by Robinson about Jack Knight (Starman) taking a boxing lesson from Wildcat (from the All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant), and even a JSA All-Stars issue that came out after Starman ended, reteaming Robinson and artist Tony Harris on a Golden Age Starman story. (I placed that one at the end of the final volume since it came out most recently, despite being a flashback.)

My custom Tables of Contents:

Sandman Mystery Theatre came next, a Vertigo series focusing on the late '30s and early '40s adventures of Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman. This mystery man had a real sense of style, dressing in a suit, trench coat, fedora, and gas mask, and carrying a gas gun that put criminals to sleep. This crime-noir period piece was often dark and violent, but featured a tender and well-developed relationship between the bookish hero Dodds and his resourceful life-long lover and partner, Dian Belmont.

In addition to the 70 issues and a single Annual, I included Sandman Midnight Theatre, an original graphic novel that tied the Mystery Theatre version of Sandman into Neil Gaiman's mythological dream king Sandman.

I also made sure to fit in the two short Sandman Mystery Theatre stories from Vertigo: Winter's Edge, a holiday-themed anthology. Here is the wraparound cover from Winter's Edge #2 by Mike Allred, one of my favorite artists:

I also collected Len Wein's complete '80s Blue Beetle series into one volume (24 issues preceded by Beetle's origin story in Secret Origins #2), and Howard Chaykin's gritty, sexy Vertigo adventure series American Century into one volume (all 27 issues). Note my snazzy custom Tables of Contents for Sandman Mystery Theatre volumes as well.

Anyway, here is my full library of custom-bound hardcovers, including my four Justice League volumes:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Custom-Bound Hardcover Library

***UPDATED 09.17.14!***

BLUE BEETLE: The Complete Series
Secret Origins #2 (signed by Wein)
Blue Beetle #1-24

DEFENDERS: Indefensible
Defenders #1-5

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Giffen / DeMatteis Era

Justice League #1-4
Justice League Annual #1
Justice League #5-6
Justice League International #7-13 (8-12 signed by Maguire)
Suicide Squad #13
Justice League International #14
Justice League International Annual #2
Justice League International #15-25 (16-19, 22-24 signed by Maguire)

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Giffen / DeMatteis Era

Justice League America #26-30
Justice League America #33-36 (33-35 signed by Hughes)
Justice League International Special #1
Justice League America #37-42 (37-40 signed by Hughes)
Justice League America Annual #4
Justice League America #43-52 (43-45, 51 signed by Hughes; 46-50 signed by Beatty)

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Giffen / DeMatteis Era

Justice League Europe #1-5 (signed by Sears)
Justice League International Annual #3
Justice League Europe #6 (signed by Sears)
Justice League America #31 (signed by Hughes)
Justice League Europe #7 (signed by Sears)
Justice League America #32 (signed by Hughes)
Justice League Europe #8-19 (8-12, 15-19 signed by Sears)
Justice League Europe Annual #1
Justice League Europe #20-28 (23-28 signed by Sears; 20-22 signed by Rogers)

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Giffen / DeMatteis Era

Justice League Quarterly #1-3
Justice League America #53
Justice League Europe #29 (signed by Sears)
Justice League America #54
Justice League Europe #30 (signed by Beatty)
Justice League America #55
Armageddon 2001 #1
Justice League America Annual #5 (signed by Maguire)
Justice League Europe Annual #2
Armageddon 2001 #2
Justice League Europe #31 (signed by Beatty)
Justice League America #56
Green Lantern #18
Justice League Europe #32 (signed by Beatty)
Justice League America #57
Justice League Europe #33 (signed by Beatty)
Justice League America #58 (signed by Sears and Beatty)
Justice League Europe #34
Justice League America #59 (signed by Sears)
Justice League Europe #35
Justice League America #60
Justice League Europe #36
Secret Origins #33-35

Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-16
Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual #1
Sandman Mystery Theatre #17-24

Sandman Mystery Theatre #25-36
Sandman Midnight Theatre graphic novel
Sandman Mystery Theatre #37-48

Sandman Mystery Theatre #49-56
Vertigo: Winter's Edge #1 (excerpt)
Sandman Mystery Theatre #57-68
Vertigo: Winter's Edge #2 (excerpt)
Sandman Mystery Theatre #69-70

STARMAN Volume 1
Starman #0-11 (0 signed by Harris)
Showcase '95 #12 (excerpt)
Starman #12-19
Showcase '96 #4-5 (excerpts)
Starman #20-23
Starman Annual #1

STARMAN Volume 2
Starman #24-35
Shade #1-4
Starman #36-37
Starman Annual #2
Starman #38-39
Power of Shazam #35
Starman #40
Power of Shazam #36
Starman #41

STARMAN Volume 3
Starman Secret Files and Origins #1
Starman #42
Batman / Hellboy / Starman #1-2
Starman 80-Page Giant #1
Starman #43
Girlfrenzy: The Mist #1
Starman #44-47
Starman #1,000,000
Starman #48-60

STARMAN Volume 4
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0
Starman #61-74
All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant #1 (excerpt)
Sins of Youth: Starwoman & the JSA Jr. #1
Starman #75-80
JSA All-Stars #4

Comic Book, TPB, and Graphic Novel Library

***UPDATED 03.24.15***

1963 #1-6 (Moore)
52 Vol. 1-4 TPBs, #52 (1st chronological Beetle/Booster meeting)
Adventures In the DC Universe #8 (Beetle/Booster)
Adventures of Captain America #1-4 (signed by Maguire)
All-New Atom #14 (Beetle)
Amazing Spider-Man #284-289 ("Gang War" and Hobgoblin reveal), 666 (Coliseum of Comics variant)
Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween (Bill Hader/Seth Meyers)
America's Best Comics 64-Page Giant #1 (Moore)
Americomics #3 (Beetle), Americomics Special #1 (Charlton heroes)
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Whedon)
Astro City #1/2 (Busiek)
Atomic Robo 2009, 2011, 2014 FCBD editions
Avengers 2009 FCBD edition (Bendis)
Awesome Holiday Special #1 (Moore/Youngblood)
Batman/Doc Savage #1 (Azzarello/Noto)
Batman: Ego and Other Tails TPB (signed by Cooke)
Batman: Gotham Noir OGN (Brubaker)
Batman/Grendel TPB (Wagner)
Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood #1-6 (Rucka)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #214 (Deadshot)
Batman: Year One TPB (Miller)
The Beats hardcover (Piskor)
Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1-6 (signed by Cooke)
Birds of Prey #1 (signed by Dixon), 15, 19, 25 (15, 19, 25 signed by Dixon & Guice), #37
Blue Beetle #1 (Modern Comics; '70s reprint of Charlton)
Blue Beetle (2000s series): #1-6 (1, 2, 4 signed by Hamner)
Blue Beetle Companion (TwoMorrows)
Booster Gold (1st series): #1 (signed by Jurgens)
Booster Gold (2nd series): Vol. 1-5 TPBs (all signed by Jurgens), #6, 0, 7-10, 1,000,000 (Johns), #26-27 (Blackest Night w/Beetle), 32-43 (Giffen/DeMatteis)
Box Office Poison TPB
The Broccoli Agenda OGN
Building Stories box set
Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers 2011 FCBD edition
Captain Atom (1st series): #83 (Modern Comics; '70s reprint of Charlton; 1st Beetle)
Captain Atom (2nd series) #1, 11 (Suicide Squad), 20 (Beetle), 30 (Janus Directive)
Catwoman (Brubaker): Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Vol. 1 signed by Cooke)
Charlton Bullseye #1 (Beetle/Question)
Checkmate! (late '80s series) #15-18 (Janus Directive)
Checkmate (2007 series) #6-7 (Suicide Squad)
Chronos #1-11, 1,000,000
Comic Book Tattoo TPB (Tori Amos)
Copra: Round One TPB
Countdown To Infinite Crisis one-shot
Coup D'Etat: Sleeper, Stormwatch, Wildcats 3.0, Authority, Afterword one-shots
Criminal: Vol. 1-6 TPBs (Brubaker)
Danger Girl: Ultimate Collection HC (signed by Campbell)
Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch #1 (signed by Noto)
Danger Girl: Viva Las Danger #1 (signed by Noto)
Daredevil (Miller): Frank Miller/Klaus Janson Vol. 1-3, Born Again, The Man Without Fear TPBs
Daredevil (Bendis): Vol. 4-7, 9-13 TPBs (all signed by Maleev)
Daredevil (Brubaker): Devil Inside and Out Vol. 1-2, Hell To Pay Vol. 1-2, Cruel and Unusual, Lady Bullseye, Return of the King TPBs, Annual #1, Blood of the Tarantula #1
Daredevil (Waid): #12
Dark Avengers Vol. 1 TPB (Bendis)
DC Kids FCBD edition 2010
DC New Frontier Vol. 1-2 TPBs, Justice League: New Frontier Special #1 (all signed by Cooke)
DC Retroactive: Justice League America: The '90s one-shot (JLI)
DC Universe Legacies #10 (Blue Beetle variant)
Deadenders TPB (Brubaker)
Deadline #1-4 (all signed by Horn)
Deadshot #1-4 (1988), #1-5 (2005)
Death: The High Cost of Living TPB (Gaiman)
Death: The Time of Your Life TPB (Gaiman)
Detective Comics #582 (Suicide Squad), 784-786 (Brubaker)
Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1
Dr. Mid-Nite #1-3 (Wagner)
EC Comics Sampler FCBD 2008 edition
Extreme Justice #0-4
Fatale Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Brubaker)
Firestorm #64 (Suicide Squad), 86-87 (Janus Directive), Annual 5 (Suicide Squad)
Formerly Known as the Justice League #1-6 (JLI)
Golden Age TPB (Robinson)
Gotham Central Book 1-4 TPBs (Brubaker/Rucka)
Green Arrow #1 (Kevin Smith)
Green Arrow Vol. 4: Kill Machine TPB (Lemire; New 52)
Green Hornet FCBD edition 2010
Green Lantern (3rd series): #9 (signed by Van Sciver)
Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame OGN (Gaiman)
Grendel Omnibus Vol. 1 TPB
Grendel #16-19 (Comico; signed by Wagner)
Guardians of the Galaxy FCBD 2014 edition
Hawaiian Dick #1-3 (all signed by Moore and Griffin)
Hawkeye Vol. 1-3 TPBs (Fraction)
Hawkman #27 (Brubaker/Phillips)
Hip-Hop Family Tree FCBD 2014 edition (Piskor)
Identity Disc #1-5 (Deadpool)
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Brubaker/Fraction)
Incognito Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Brubaker)
Incorruptible/Irredeemable FCBD edition 2010 (Waid)
Infinity, Inc. #30 (JSA)
Invincible Iron Man #1 (Fraction; free promo)
Iron Man/Nova FCBD edition 2010
JLA 80-Page Giant #1 (Beetle/Booster)
JLA Classified #4-9 (JLI)
JLA: Incarnations #6 (JLI)
JLA-Z #1 (Beetle/Booster)
JSA Vol. 2 TPB (Johns)
Judgment Day: TPB, Sourcebook (Moore)
Justice League: Generation Lost Vol. 1-2 HCs (JLI)
Justice League Unlimited #5 (Beetle), 8 (Question), 36 (Question), 43 (Beetle/Booster)
Justice Riders OGN
Justice Society of America 100-Page Super Spectacular (reprints)
Justice Society Returns: All-Star #1 (signed by Lark), 2, Adventure, All-American, National, Sensation, Smash, Star-Spangled, Thrilling Comics #1s (1999)
Last Days of the Justice Society of America #1
L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons #1-6 (Beetle/Charlton heroes)
Legends #1-6 (Suicide Squad/JLI)
Losers Vol. 1-5 TPBs (Diggle)
Madman: The Oddity Odyssey TPB
Madman Adventures TPB, Ashcan edition
Madman and the Atomics TPB
Madman Atomic Comics Vol. 1-3 TPBs
Madman Comics Vol. 1-4 TPBs; issue #7 (signed by Allred and Darrow)
Madman/Jam #1-2
Madman/Superman Hullabaloo TPB
Madrox: Multiple Choice TPB
Manhunter #6 (Suicide Squad), 14 (Janus Directive)
Martian Manhunter: American Secrets #1-3 (miniseries)
Martian Manhunter #24 (JLI)
Marvel Super Special #33: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Marvel Team-Up #74 (Spidey and original SNL cast!)
Maus Vol. I-II TPBs
Millennium #4 (Suicide Squad)
Mister Miracle #7-8 (2nd series) (Beetle/Booster)
Modern Masters Vol. 16: Mike Allred (TwoMorrows)
Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 (Morrison; Charlton heroes)
New Avengers (1st series) Vol. 1-3, 5-13 TPBs (Bendis) (Vol. 6 and 10 signed by Maleev)
New Avengers: Illuminati TPB (Bendis)
Nightwing #63 (Beetle)
Planetary Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Ellis)
Point Blank TPB (Brubaker)
Power Girl Vol. 3-4 TPBs
Preacher Vol. 1-9 TPBs (Ennis)
Punisher #1 ('80s ongoing)
Punisher War Journal #1 ('80s)
Punisher War Zone #1 ('80s)
The Question (2005) #1-6
Red Rocket 7 #1-7 (oversized) (Allred)
Rex Libris Vol. 1-2 TPBs
Saga Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Vaughan)
Sam and Twitch Vol. 1 TPB (Bendis)
Sandman Vol. 1-10 TPBs (Gaiman)
Sandman: Endless Nights Preview (Gaiman)
Scene of the Crime #1-4 (Brubaker; signed by Lark)
Secret Invasion TPB (Bendis)
Secret Origins #2 (Blue Beetle), 14 (Suicide Squad), 28 (Nightshade)
Secret Six #15 (Deadshot), 17-18 (Suicide Squad)
Secret Wars #1
Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 (Morrison)
Shade TPB (Robinson; signed by Hamner and Cooke)
Shadow: Blood and Judgment #1-4 (Chaykin)
She-Hulk Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Slott)
She-Hulk Vol. 1 TPB (Soule)
Showcase '94 #2-4 (Beetle)
Siege TPB (Bendis)
Sleeper Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Brubaker)
Solo #4 (Chaykin), 5 (signed by Cooke), 7 (Allred)
Spawn #1, 9 (Gaiman)
Spectre #10 (Suicide Squad)
Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4 (signed by Rucka)
Spirit Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Cooke)
Spirit: The New Adventures #1-2 (Moore, Gaiman)
Starman #81 (Robinson)
Suicide Squad #1-67, Annual 1 (Ostrander)
Suicide Squad: From the Ashes #1-8 (Ostrander)
Super Dinosaur FCBD edition 2011
Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol. 1-3 TPBs
Supreme Vol. 1-2 TPBs, #52a-52b (Moore)
Terminal City: The Compleat Terminal City TPB
Thunderbolts Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Ellis)
Tick: The Complete Edlund TPB
Top Ten: Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Moore; both signed by Ha)
Transformers vs. G.I. Joe FCBD 2014 edition (Scioli)
Twilight #1-3 (Chaykin; DC's space heroes; #1 signed by Garcia-Lopez)
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #4-5 (Allred)
Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual '96 (Allred)
V For Vendetta TPB (Moore)
Vertical #1 (Allred)
Vext #1-6 (Giffen)
Vigilante #1-4 (Robinson)
Villains United TPB
War of the Gods #3 (Suicide Squad)
Watchmen TPB, #1 (Moore)
Who's Who: Update '87 #1 (Beetle/Booster), Update '88 #2 (JLI)
WildC.A.T.s: Alan Moore's Complete WildC.A.T.s TPB
Wildcats (2nd series): Vol. 2-4 TPBs (Casey)
Wildcats 3.0: Year One, Year Two TPBs (Casey)
Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Allred)
World's Funnest special
X-Factor (1st series): #41-42, 67-68 (signed by Thibert), 87
X-Factor (2nd series) Vol. 1-5 TPBs (David)
X-Force Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Milligan/Allred)
X-Statix Vol. 1-4 TPBs (Milligan/Allred; Vol. 2 signed by Cooke)
X-Statix Presents Dead Girl TPB
Y The Last Man Vol. 1-10 TPBs (Vaughan)
Youngblood #1-2 (Moore)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

DVD Library

***UPDATED 12.13.14!***

Much Ado About Nothing
V For Vendetta
Watchmen (Director's Cut)

Angel (Seasons 1-5 box set)
Arrested Development (Seasons 1-3)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Seasons 1-7 box set)
Casablanca (Special Edition)
Childrens Hospital (Season 3)
Dark City (Director's Cut)
Dollhouse (Seasons 1-2)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
An Evening With Kevin Smith (no case)
Fight Club (Special Edition)
Firefly: The Complete Series
Goodfellas (Special Edition)
Hard Boiled
The Killer (Criterion Collection)
Knocked Up (Extended Edition)
L.A. Confidential (2-disc Special Edition)
Last Man Standing
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Memento (Special Edition)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Portishead PNYC Live
The Prestige
Pulp Fiction (Special Edition)
Snatch (Special Edition)
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Transformers: The Movie (20th Anniversary)
True Romance (Special Edition)
The Usual Suspects (Special Edition)
The Venture Bros. (Seasons 1-2)
The Wire (Seasons 1-5 box set)

Store-Bought VHS Tapes:
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Schindler's List
Taxi Driver

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Binding Comic Books #1: Justice League International

I don't really buy new comics anymore. I may pick up a few trade paperbacks a year (only when they're heavily discounted), and I rely on inter-library loans to furnish me with others, but the days of waiting for new comic Wednesdays, scouring the spinner-racks, buying, reading, bagging, and boarding comics are over for me. I've sold or donated boxes and boxes of comics over the last few years, and just don't have the interest I used to.

That said, even though I've greatly downsized my collection, I still have a few complete runs that I wouldn't ever want to part with, sentimental favorites from years past. But I noticed that while I'll often reread trade paperbacks on my bookshelf, I almost never delved into my remaining longboxes to reread bagged and boarded single issues, even the really terrific ones. Sure, sometimes they get reprinted in trade paperbacks, but who wants to repurchase things they already own (albeit in an inferior format)? Not I. And half the time the new TPBs are expensive (and only reprint four or six issues in a shot), or they skip issues or reprint things out of order, and they always seem to trickle out slowly. At least I know I have all the good stuff already.

That's when I had an epiphany: what if I had my all-time favorite comics bound into collected editions of my own? That would eliminate longbox clutter, allow me easy access to old classics, and even create one-of-a-kind new collectibles. Like so many great ideas, it had already been done... but that made it even easier for me to move forward with it. To start with, I envisioned binding the classic Justice League International run co-written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis into four hardcover volumes. The first volume would be Justice League International, followed by Justice League America (the same series with a title change), Justice League Europe (a spinoff book that ran concurrently, starting when International changed its name to America), and finally, Justice League: Breakdowns (a crossover that ran back and forth between the two titles, leading to the end of the Giffen/DeMatteis era on both). I had all the comics, including Annuals, Specials, tie-in issues from other series, random crossovers, and whatever else was needed to make these volumes truly complete. But who could help me make this happen?

Library Binding is based in Waco, Texas, and they specialize in the kind of comic binding projects I had in mind: . Their prices are amazing: $15 (plus shipping) for binding a stack of comic books into a simple, sturdy, no-frills hardcover book with custom text stamped into the spine. We pick the cover and text colors, which are included in the base price, and they trim the edges nice and smooth and even remove the staples in the process. Special features like fancy fonts, front cover stamping, and custom logo dies cost extra. I corresponded with experienced bookbinder James Jasek several times via e-mail with all of my questions and concerns, and the man had the patience of a saint. Eventually, I was ready for what most comic book collectors would consider a nightmarish scenario. I started tearing pages out of these beloved old comics.

Needless to say, I wanted my custom-bound books to be as nice as possible, so I figured I would prep my comics for binding by removing all the double-sided ad pages and back covers. Nobody likes ads breaking up a story, which is one more reason trade paperbacks are so much nicer than single-issue comics. Plus, this would decrease the size of the volumes I had planned, allowing me to fit more issues into each bound book. I went through over 100 comics and very carefully tore out every offending page, which constituted a real history lesson in the comic books, video games, and junk food of the late '80s and early '90s.

(This isn't a great picture for showing you the size of the stack of ads I tore out, but it's the only picture I took. Trust me, there were a LOT.)

I only wished some really fastidious fanboys could have seen me in action, as they surely would have panicked and gotten offended. It seemed counterintuitive, ripping out pages -- essentially "destroying" the priceless collectibles we've gotten conditioned to think of comics as. But I've moved past that. The best comics are reading material first and foremost, deserving to be accessible for revisiting at any point, like good friends. Instead of destroying these old issues, I saw myself creating something new. Something better. Something that could be displayed proudly on a bookshelf instead of taped up in mylar and surrounded by cardboard, shielded from the light of day.

In the end, I had my four volumes planned out, and divided the comics into four stacks to get them ready for Library Binding.

I filled out their binding slips with everything I wanted and sent them off. Was I nervous? You better believe it! But I had seen samples of the beautiful work Library Binding did, and I knew my beloved Justice League International comics were in good hands.

About a month later, I received a package at work. The books were ready! How did they come out? See for yourselves!

I added custom Tables of Contents to each volume:

And the books lay open flat, unlike most "official" published trade paperbacks:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Want List

Here are items I'd love to get eventually, either for good prices or via trading.

***UPDATED 03.27.15***

Graphic Novels and Comics I want:
Hawkeye Vol. 4 TPB
She-Hulk Vol. 2 TPB (Soule)
The Fade Out Vol. 1 TPB
Copra Round 2 TPB
Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1-3 TPBs
Secret Warriors Vol. 1-6 TPBs
Secret Avengers Vol. 3 TPB (Ellis)
Justice League 3000 #12-present
Convergence: Blue Beetle #1-2
Convergence: Suicide Squad #1-2

Does anyone prefer single issue comic books to TPBs?
I have the following comics as singles,
but I'd gratefully trade them for the corresponding TPBs:

Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood (#1-6)
Before Watchmen: Minutemen (#1-6, signed by Darwyn Cooke!)
Blue Beetle: Shellshocked (#1-6; 1, 2, and 4 signed by Cully Hamner!)
Coup D'Etat (Sleeper, Stormwatch, Wildcats 3.0, Authority)
Deadline (#1-4, signed by Greg Horn!)
Dr. Mid-Nite (#1-3)
Grendel: Devil Tales (#16-19; signed by Matt Wagner!)
Red Rocket 7 (#1-7; oversized)
Scene of the Crime: A Little Piece of Goodnight (#1-4; signed by Michael Lark!)
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice (#1-4)

Toys and Collectibles I want:
Funko Legacy: Rocketeer
Transformers: Leader Ultra Magnus, Classics Voyager Optimus Prime (gun only), Jetfire
Marvel Legends: Iron Fist (modern costume), Boomerang, Luke Cage (Thunderbolts), She-Hulk
DC Universe Classics: Catman (Batman Legacy)
Eaglemoss: Starman (or even just the magazine)
Simpsons World of Springfield: Comic Book Guy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Action Figures for Sale or Trade

***UPDATED 11.10.14!***

DC Direct figure stands:

Random DC and Marvel accessories:

Buffy and Angel (Diamond Select):

Giles (Moore Action Collectibles version; loose and complete):

Faith (End of Days super-articulated version; loose w/knife, stake, extra arms)
Tara (New Moon Rising version; loose)
Anya (Once More With Feeling version; loose)

Hand-painted Mexican luchadores in unopened package:

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Recipe cards from the 1970s